Are scripture and medication bitter enemies?


Scripture and medication were never meant to be pitted as enemies. 

There are good Biblical reasons to validate this. Though the bible doesn’t talk about medicines in the modern form, there is sufficient evidence to support the use of resources/agents of healing at our disposal to overcome illness, restore health and enhance wellness.

Bandages for wounds (Isaiah 1:6), topical agents – oil and wine as recorded by Doctor Luke 10:34, Paul’s medical quip (little wine) for his protégé’s Timmy’s tummy and frequent ailments (1 Tim 5:23) and Eye Salve to restore vision (Rev 3:18), not to mention Jesus’ very own mud-pack (John 9:6) to restore sight to a blind  – all health-care agents right out of the pages of the Old and New Testaments. 

Pertaining to psychological health, the use of medicines and therapies, as appropriate becomes ever more critical. Scripture and medication/counselling are neither enemies nor mutually exclusive.2 Scriptural authority is never to be challenged by the efficacy of medical science, they can co-exist after all. When one equates the use of medicines/therapy to a lack of faith, we would be adding insult to harm and inflict our own, twice over in attempting to help them. 

God can instantly, miraculously right a bio-chemical imbalance in the brain. God can absolutely do the same for a broken leg, too. Yet, almost none of us hesitate to go to rush to the doctor, to have it fixed! There are certain psychological illnesses (ex. Bipolar disorder), that respond so well to medical treatment (amply supported by research evidence), to the point of total cure. 

Scripture and medication/therapy are enemies, which were never meant to be. 

Thanks to our mess-interpretation of Scriptures.

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